Created at the initiative of employers, for purposes of inter-professional solidarity, AGS assists employees and employers involved in a receivership process.

It intervenes in case the company is in receivership or liquidation or sometimes, under certain conditions, in protection proceedings and ensures, as early as possible, the amounts due to employees (wages, notices, redundancy pay, etc.).
At the heart of receivership proceedings, AGS fulfils three basic missions as part of the employee claim guarantee scheme:
Advancing, via judicial representatives, the funds required to settle employee’s claims;
Recovering the sums advanced on the basis of monitoring protection proceedings, receivership proceedings and the liquidation of company assets;
Defending the legal interests of the guarantee scheme.

Pursuant to the provisions of a management agreement between AGS and Unédic, the assignments entrusted by the legislator to AGS have been implemented since 1996 by the Délégation Unédic AGS.

Globalization of the economy, appearance of transnational bankruptcy cases, unstable economic cycle, assertion of a European right in the event of corporate insolvency… since several years now, the AGS has been anticipating the changes in its environment and the increased importance of European issues in its scope of activity.

As genuine player in receivership proceedings, AGS participates with its partners in discussions around the role of the parties in receivership procedures, impacts of new legislative developments, pre-empting and preventive treatment of the company’s difficulties, etc with the goal of facilitating the receivership proceedings of companies to protect jobs.